4 Summer Skincare Essentials

With summer temperatures set to soar and plenty of outdoor activities planned during the holidays, it’s time to turn your attention to the summer skincare essentials.

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Whether you are planning to spend the long summer days on the beach or lying by the pool, you need to ensure you have all the basics covered.  Apart from the obvious ones like resting in the shade during the hottest hours, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated, here are 4 other ways to stay cool and comfortable, whilst looking and feeling gorgeous.

Get protective of your pout.  Your lip tissues are very delicate and the sun’s rays can quickly dry them out.  To keep them feeling luscious all day, look for a rich creamy texture lip balm that has nourishing oils, fruit extracts and ideally an SPF for further protection.

Cool off with a soothing mist spray. Choose natural based products so they don’t further irritate your skin and provide ample nutrition for your skin.  Anything with cucumber, aloe or Rosewater will do the trick perfectly.  Spritzing your skin with water alone will dry your skin out even more as it evaporates.  Rosewater is refreshing and provides hydration for the skin, whilst also doubling up as a hair softener, toner or use it before or after makeup to set it in place for the day.

Get Serum savvy.  Serum is like the super foods in skincare.  Not only does it help with UV damage control, it also lightens, brightens and hydrates your skin.  It’s always best to choose serums made from natural derivates like plant oils and extracts, essential oils and vitamins.  Maintain a youthful glowing appearance and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles with continued used.

Fake it until you make it.  We all love that bronzed glow you get from sun tanning, but so often it comes at a cost.  A little too long in the sun and you start to resemble a beetroot, careless sunscreen application and you have strange tan lines.  Forget ‘that’ dress for later then.  Instead of exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays all day, grab a comfy seat in the shade and relax with the knowledge that you can still be a golden glowing goddess.  There is an abundance of tanning products from a bottle so whether you want to spray, smooth or wipe it on, you can.  Look for products that moisturize and build a gradual tan at the same time.  Anything with Shea butter, coconut oil or Vitamin E will help condition and protect the skin.


If you want to check out the 4 products that I’d recommend for your summer skincare routine then click here.



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